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The range of DATA HIDROLIK windlasses debuts at the september Boat Shows at SAIM Marine exhibition area

August 27, 2023

SAIM Marine introduces the products of the well-known Turkish company Data Hidrolik for the first time at the forthcoming Boat Shows. Data Hidrolik has been manufacturing windlasses, mooring capstans and electric and hydraulic steering systems for a broad range of marine vessel since 1945.

SAIM Marine was designated as the sole distributor of Data Hidrolik deck machinery and steering systems last June as well as sales and after-sales services provider.

The DZC 5000 will be for the first time on show at the Monaco Boat Show at SAIM Marine exhibition area. It is a vertical windlass, suitable for boats from 48 to 60 metres, available in the  electric version, powered by alternating current motors, as well as in the  hydraulic version. The DZC 5000 features a gypsy for short link chains 23 or 26 mm (DIN 766) or for stud link chains of 19, 20,5, 22, 24 e 26 mm. The gypsy is equipped with both clutch and band brake to allow independent operation of gypsy and warping drum. Chain can be dropped by loosing band brake. The gypsy is engaded by means of dog clutch. Electric motor driven models are equipped with torque limiting couple for overload protection.

The electric version is equipped with a  of 11.000 W motor and provides a continuous pull of 4.600 kg (max pull 5.750 kg for 2 min). The current draw at maximum continuous pull is 21A, the weight is 700 kg. The hydraulic version provides a continuous pull of 5.000 kg (mx pull 5.500 kg for 2 min), with hydraulic pression of 165 bar and oil flow on motor of 55 lt/min. It weighs 660 kg.

Windlass with warping drum or without drum, painted steel parts and mirror polished stainless parts above deck, starter with frquency converter, remote hydraulic released gypsy brake are offered as options.

The models of the vertical range are suitable for boats from 20 to 100 metres and according to the models feature gypsy for short link chains 12 to 26 mm (DIN 766) and for stud link chains from 12,5 to 42  mm.

Data Hidrolik range includes also vertical windlasses.

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