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Swiss Ocean Tech & SAIM Marine announce their strategic partnership today.

September 28, 2022

Swiss Ocean Tech (SOC), a start-up bringing safe anchoring to sailor, ship and sea and SAIM Marine announce their joint partnership today.  The partnership involves an investment to further develop the AnchorGuardian technology as well as assigning SAIM sole rights for distribution of the solution to the Italian market.

With safety and sustainability playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of yachting, industry players need to look more closely in how they address the anchoring process and how smart technology can help them do this.  The SAIM-SOC partnership brings together deep skills in business strategy and technology development to help support yachters everywhere. 

In addition to providing necessary funding for further systems development, SAIM will work closely with SOC to optimize their market introduction strategy and to share industry expertise.  Italy is the largest superyacht shipbuilding market worldwide and SOC can leverage insights from SAIM’s extensive network. 

Swiss Ocean Tech and SAIM are underscoring their partnership this fall with shared appearances at the biggest boat shows.  Although only officially entering the market in 2023, SOC is introducing the AnchorGuardian solution to interested parties and potential customers at the SAIM booths. 

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