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SAIM Group Convention 2021

August 3, 2021

Each year we choose a new theme and a new venue for the SAIM Group Annual Convention.

This year we are also celebrating the 70th anniversary of SAIM founding and therefore, following the theme "Beauty will save the world", we wanted to celebrate the event in an extraordinary place: Villa Panza in Varese.

We have chosen a FAI property to reaffirm SAIM's commitment alongside this Foundation since 2017 and we wanted to continue to give our support to ensure the care and maintenance of this wonderful villa which is extremely rich in content and full of important messages, in order to preserve and enhance it, making it accessible to an ever wider audience.

This year too, as per SAIM tradition, the 25th anniversary of our colleague, Marco Pezzuolo, was celebrated, and Fernanda Borsani of SAIM and Emanuela Piacentini of INCOFIN were warmly greeted as they will enjoy their retirement after many years of happy collaboration. We thank all colleagues and FAI collaborators for their participation in the event and we hope that the Convention will continue to be a precious moment of union and sharing in the future.

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