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August 27, 2023

For the first time at the Septembre Boat Shows, Saim Marine is introducing the range of wipers from Dutch manufacturer Exalto Wiper Technologies, a complete high-performance system.

Exalto produces the world’s best professional marine wiper systems for all kind of vessels in the commercial and leisure sectors. The wipers are designed for use in all marine environments.

Exalto offers a wide range of high performance motors, innovative arms, durable blades, controls and washing systems. In this way Exalto can compile a complete wiper system that fulfils the specific demands and wishes of the customer All MD and HD wiper arms and blades are manufactured from T316SS (unless stated otherwise). Exalto Wiper Systems are made of high quality materials to assure many years of reliable work.

Exalto offers complete systems. A typical wiper systems contains the following components:

• Wiper motors

• Wiper arms

• Wiper blades

• Wiper controls

• Washing systems

The size and shape of the glass that has to be wiped determine which motor, arm and blade are needed.

The larger the wiping area, the larger the arms and blades have to be to cover that area. The larger the arms and blades are, the stronger the motor has to be. Therefore the products are in sections: large windows (1100-2500 mm in height), medium and small sized windows (till 1100 mm in height).

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