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Saim group

QS - DC Electric Thruster

“QS” DC range thrusters are powered by advanced high-efficiency DC motors. A microprocessor control system is activated in advance in case of motor overheating, avoiding sudden interruptions of the thruster and ensuring its use.

Key features:
• All models can be proportional or transformed into proportional in both analog/digital version with CAN-bus protocol
• All propellers up to the QS80-185 can also be supplied in IP version (Ignition Protection)
• Models with double propellers are counter-rotating

In order to have the best control and a total flexibility on each thruster model, the QS DC range is suitable to different types of controls:

• ON/OFF analogic pushbutton or joystick controls
• Analogic proportional joystick controls
• Digital proportional joystick controls (compatible with other systems)

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