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General info Dynamica generator

Dynamica gen-sets are developed and manufactured in Italy. They are the ideal power supply for day-cruiser and sailing boats: compact, reliable and quiet, the range starts from 3,2 kW as peak power rating and goes up to 9,6 kW. The product quality and a correct installation are the best guarantee for a safe and relaxed cruise. In any case, a widespread service network can assure a high quality standard assistance in case of need.


• Yanmar or Kubota engines with “silent-block” mounts
• Easy access to fuel line, lubrication system, sea/water pump and air filter
• Safety stop in case of low oil pressure, high temperature of engine or exhausts
• Double vibration reduction system
• Oil drain pump provided


• Synchronous, 2 poles, self-regulated, brushless self-excited.
• Rotor and stator coated with epoxy resin against external agents.
• Rotor dynamically balanced.
• Insulation class: H.
• Safety stop for high-temperature.

Engine and alternator cooling

The engine cooling is based on a closed inner flow of coolant. The system is based on a heat exchanger sea-water/coolant type, of cupronickel, where the thermal exchange occurs between the two liquids. Two separate pumps contribute to the flow of the coolant and the sea water. The cooling of the air inside the gen-set is obtained through a seawater/air heat exchanger. This provides the efficacious cooling of the alternator and the optimal temperature for the best performance and reliability of the gen-set despite its allocation and room temperature.

Sound shield

Completely redesigned and re-engineered, the new sound shield is made up of painted aluminum panels. Extremely resistant and light in weight, it allows the easiest access to the inner parts of the generator for service. Both the main frame and the panels are made of aluminum alloy 5754.

Control Unit

• IP54 protection
• ON/OFF/START/STOP/MENU soft-touch buttons
• Digital hour-meter, main voltage, generator battery voltage, external battery pack voltage, frequency, service time, event list of last 10 alarms and time 
• 13 alarms icons
• 485 Mod-Bus connector for monitoring generator by boat main control monitor
• GSM control option (ON/OFF – alarms)
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