Saim group
Saim group
Your partner for the mechanical sub-supply in Germany.

BU Engineering di SAIM, together with its subsidiary in Bayern Saim Europe GmbH, offers system solutions to its German and European customers, thanks to its network of about 15 high qualified partners in Italy: given the support for technical release, certifications and auditing, it manages the whole commercial process, from RFQ to order processing, to the shipments of goods

Our group leads a network of ITALIAN PARTNERS:
• Highly specialised and with cross-generations experience
• Future oriented with most advanced technologies
• Focused on the production of middle and big series
• Supporting customers from co-design to product manufacturing processes
• Able to offer more and more competitive products and quality consistent
• Vertically integrating their processes to wholly manage quality and be more flexible as possible

We provide system solutions as well as components for:

• Alternative energies
• Agricultural machines
• Automotive
• Earth moving
• Mining
• Toll machines and components
• Automation
• Marine & Off-shore
• Transmissions
• Axels
• Joints
• Engine components
• Hydraulic machines and components
• Pump and valves components
• Complete groups
• Industrial applications

What we do very well:

• Forged parts
  o From Hatebur to 2 kg
  o Forged parts to 150 kg
  o Rings and bearings forged or laminated
  o Open cast forged to 60 ton
  o Steels according to standards DIN, EN, ZF, etc.

• Aluminium components
  o Die-casting, shell- and sand-casting
  o Products machined from block
  o Fully machined parts

• Gears
  o Cylindrical gears, planetary, carriers
  o Sun gears
  o Holly and conical wheels
  o Differentials
  o Chamfered or endless screwed shafts
  o Racks
  o Transmission shafts
  o Straight helicoidal or spiral tooth
  o Modules from 0,1 to 46
  o Rectification, smoothing, milling, lapping, chipping
  o To quality 6

• Casting
  o Automatic lines to 300 kg
  o Semi-automatic lines to 8 t
  o Manual forming from 10 kg to 120 t
  o Preparation of small, middle and big series
  o Prototyping and Co-Design
  o Grey and spheroidal iron, Duplex, Inconel, etc.
  o Cast production in wood, metal, resin, polystyrene, aluminium

• Machining and assembling
  o flywheels
  o carriers
  o Axels
  o Transmission boxes
  o Bushings and guides
  o Transmissions, clutches, etc.
  o Automation
  o Shafts

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