Gyrostabilizers VEEM Gyro at Genoa Boat Show

VEEM Gyro Stabilizers at the Genoa Boat Show

The Veem Gyro stabilizers range are the best choice ever for superyachts.

The range manufactured by the Australian Company will be exhibited at the upcoming Genoa Boat Show by Saim, Gyro exclusive sales agent across Central European Regions.

The Veem Gyro models represent an important step in gyro performance for superyachts an provide exceptional roll stabilisation solution for yachts from 130’.

The range currently includes two models: the VEEM Gyro 120 (120 kNm) and VEEM Gyro 260 (260 kNm). They can both be installed on new building and on already sailing yachts. The model choice depends on the level of stabilisation desired, the vawe environment and on boat features.

VEEM Gyros can also work seamlessfly with other motion stabilisation systems, autopilot , dynamic positioning without any software interfacing. Easy maintenance; only electrical power and cooling seawater are required for installation.

VEEM’s Gyrostabilisers are actively controlled vertical axis gyro stabilizers and deliver class-leading rolling motion attenuation while at zero speed or underway, with up to a 95 per cent reduction achievable through the use of powerful flywheels running under vacuum, and VEEM’s patented ‘Smart Torque’ advanced control software.

Smart Torque is designed to maximise roll reduction across almost all weather conditions, while guaranteeing safe operation in even the most powerful environments. With the active control system a smaller unit can provide the same performance as a larger passive gyro system.

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