Saim Marine signs an agreement with VEEM gyrostabilisers

Saim Marine signs an agreement with VEEM gyrostabilisers

Saim Marine and VEEM Ltd, Australian marine equipment specialist, have executed a memorandum of understanding (MOU).

The objective of the MOU is to build the foundations for a Central European VEEM Gyro sales agency, bringing with it an exciting new delivery platform for the products.
The newly initiated relationship was announced at the 2013 SEATEC trade conference in Carrara, Italy.
Both VEEM and SAIM Group have established well respected reputations for the supply and support of high quality marine equipment, and both look forward to expanding their business through the outcomes from the MOU.

“ We are very confident – said Marco Dona from Saim Marine –  a 50 year-experience in manufacturing highly respected propeller and shaftline products and the highest quality of stabilisation devices specifically engineered for use on large boats and small ships can meet all kind of market demands”.

Paul Steinmann, Product Manager for VEEM Gyro, commented on the prospects the MOU will deliver: “We are very excited by the opportunity to work with such a well respected group in the marine market.”
The SAIM – VEEM collaboration will bring new and exciting prospects for the newly renamed VEEM Gyro product range, known up until recently as VEEM’s Halcyon Gyrostabilisers.

Potential sales territories that are the current topics of discussion include Italy, Croatia and the Mediterranean coast of France, where SIAM Marine are already located.

February 2013

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