ZIPWAKE Interceptors V-Shaped

Saim Marine presents the V-shaped interceptors manufactured by the Swedish Zipwake – . They make the successful Series S even more versatile and highly competitive. V-shaped interceptors for centerline mounting are perfect for filling the gap between twin outboards or stern drives, as well as dual propeller tunnels and pods. The four V-shaped models cover deadrise angles effectively between 11 to 24 degrees. V-shaped centerline mounted interceptors can be included in new installations, or retro-fitted to already installed systems. In combination with Zipwake straight interceptors, or alternatively mounted as a single unit, the V-shaped interceptors further increases flexibility of installation and application in boats with different hull design and engine options. The V-shaped interceptors for centerline mounting contribute to achieve a near full beam interceptor arrangement for optimal lift efficiency, inherently requiring a small blade stroke of just 30 mm. In addition, interceptor actuation is in general significantly faster than conventional trim tabs and the use of interceptors hence enables to rapidly respond to external forces acting on the boat, to maintain the boats desired pitch and roll angles for better performance, fuel economy, comfort and safety.

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