Technical Trainings take centre stage

Looking forward to the next nautical season, the usual Technical Trainings for the SAIM Marine service network have just ended.

We started on Tuesday 21 January 2020 with the DYNAMICA Gensets course aimed at our client GYRO JAPAN.

Training title: DYNAMICA MINI 40 SERIES “E”.

Teachers: Marco Pezzuolo with the collaboration of the technician Mr. Alberto Santucci and Mr. Tim Krull.

The Italian-Japanese mediator interpreter was Mr. TERAUCHI Haru.

The course covered the following topics:

* Dynamica MINI E generators product presentation

* Dynamica generators technical course, installations and maintenance services.

* Delivery of certificates of participation.

From 4th until 7th February 2020 were held the following Technical Training for our CAT (Technical Assistance Centre):

Training title: ZIPWAKE “S” Series and new “E” Series.

Teachers: Mr. Mats Sköld (Zipwake Product Support Manager) with the collaboration of Mr. Marco Oltolina.

The courses covered the following topics:

* Commercial and functional presentation of the product.

* Technical course on Zipwake S Series and new E Series System.

* Zipwake product warranty terms procedures.

* Delivery of Qualification Certificates  - CAT Qualification.

* Delivery of contracts (only for new ones representing the Zipwake product) and delivery of new SAIM badges.

We thank our colleagues for their precious collaboration and our CAT fot attending the courses.

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