Introducing the new Maxwell retractable vertical capstan

Introducing the new Maxwell retractable vertical capstan

Superyacht sailboat and motor yacht owners have long desired a robust capstan that is capable of being
retracted, when not in use, in order to provide an uncluttered deck area; whether it be located on the
foredeck or installed in the mid ship and/or stern areas of a vessel.
Maxwell has developed an inspired solution which allows for a retractable unit every bit as functional and strong as a non-retractable capstan.
The entire Maxwell Retractable Vertical Capstan (RVC) has been designed not only for superb functionality,
but with the aim that aesthetics aboard any Superyacht are also paramount.
The top of the capstan drum is pleasing to the eye and has been patterned to provide a non-skid surface when flush with the deck, in
the fully “DOWN” position.
Operation of the Maxwell RVC, which performs above the exacting performance criteria of the conventional
Maxwell VC4000 capstan, is as simple and straightforward as any conventional capstan.
Adjustment and maintenance of the RVC is equally simple, utilising a basic tool kit with minimal disassembly of the unit.

Saim Marine introduces new Underwater Lights range with Surface mounted “ QT Marlin” Lights

Saim Marine introduces new Underwater Lights range with Surface mounted “ QT Marlin” Lights

Underwater Lights Limited expand their already comprehensive portfolio of lights with new Marlin surface mounted lights. This surface mounted light is ideal for smaller craft with its simple non-cutting installation and simple plug and play system utilizing an integral driver.

Offering 2800 lumens of brightness, the lights give a wide 60 degree angle of beam making them ideal for super yacht tenders, pleasure boats or even fishing boats. With electrics bonded through the power cable the lights give 40,000 hours of LED life. Available in white and blue, it’s built from armor coated AB2 bronze.

Marlin Lights will be shown at the forthcoming boat shows next September at Saim Marine booth.

SAIM provides Stradella Hospital cogeneration engines.

SAIM provides Stradella Hospital cogeneration engines.

Stradella’s Hospital is equipped with an gas fueled engine
driving a three-generation CHP unit
using natural gas which can provide energy
and heat for heating or refrigeration system.
The whole system, built by a leading Italian Company,
uses the power generated by a MAN E2876 E312 engine
which supplies 150 kW @ 1500 rpm.
The final performance of the system can recover up to 85%
of the supplied heat by the energy of the introduced gas .
MAN and SAIM are definitively environmentally friendly

Sea Recovery appoints Saim Marine as new distributor for Italy

Sea Recovery appoints Saim Marine as new distributor for Italy


Saim Marine, the Italian Distributor of Parker-Recor since longtime, has been appointed as the new Distributor for Sea Recovery watermakers on the Italian territory. The distributorship will be effective February 1, 2015 and was announced during the Sea-Tec exhibition in Carrara.

Both Sea Recovery and Saim Marine have established enviable reputations within their respective fields for the development and distribution of high quality marine equipment. The signing of the new agreement means both parties can look forward to expanding Sea Recovery’s market presence. As Raffaele Invrea (Sales Manager for Sea Recovery) explains, “We are glad to have the opportunity to work with one of the marine industry’s most respected players in Italy. We look forward to starting our business experience with Saim Marine as we have immediately shared a vision to work with.”

Marco Donà (CEO of Saim) comments on the appointment: “Sea Recovery products are the best in water purification as far as quality, technology and reliability are concerned. Saim is thus completing its product range with another premium product”.

Saim Marine has been an important distributor to the marine industry for more than two decades. Since then, the company has been equipping applications ranging from recreational marine to commercial vessels and is the supplier of choice for many of the most prestigious Italian shipyards. Saim Marine distributes high quality equipment along the southern coast of Europe with operations based in Buccinasco (Milan), Fiumicino (Rome), Viareggio and Bologna in Italy, and Mandelieu in France which is run by its sister company, Saim France Sarl.

Doug Blakeman, VP of Sales for Parker-Racor, adds: “Our new range of watermakers has been designed to be integrated in a technologically advanced motor yacht. The Sea Recovery cutting-edge engineering together with the commitment to developing exciting new products help attract the top tier of shipyards and yacht owners worldwide. Saim’s experience in providing quality equipment to the marine industry is a terrific asset and we are delighted they will now be able to offer Sea Recovery watermakers to all their existing clients.”

— More About Sea Recovery —

 Sea Recovery has manufactured the most innovative and intuitive watermakers for the past 30 years. By incorporating a customer-first philosophy into our designs, the quality of our products are never compromised. We believe that boaters deserve more from their watermakers. Dealing with confusing controls and maintenance should not be a concern. Our company strives to communicate to the heart of the leisure boater, by engineering systems that marries style with functionality, a formula that has made Sea Recovery the #1 watermaking brand among marine consumers and boatbuilders around the world. We offer an innovative line of watermakers that suit every need in the boating industry, from the fully automated Aqua Matic to the miniature Aqua Whisper Mini Series to the energy efficient Ultra Whisper system.

 — More About Saim —

Founded in 1951, Saim soon became a reference point in the supply of automotive groups and various Italian companies in the marine and industrial applications. As the first ZF distributor in Italy, Saim has always been associated with products of the highest quality pre-service and post-sale of the first level and organization in the territory that represents to its customers a trusted partner.

Saim Marine, officially founded in 1993, selects and distributes top quality components and equipment to the most prestigious Italian shipyards. Saim Marine is built on four branches located in strategic points: Buccinasco (MI), Fiumicino (RM), Bologna, and Mandelieu on the French Riviera.

Through the network of sales and service distributed on all the Italian, French, and Croatian coasts, Saim Marine accompanies its direct customers (shipyards) and end users (yacht owners) from the choice of correct equipment to the end of a serene cruise. Last year Saim Spa has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification for its Quality Management System.

February 4th, 2015

Saim Marine Press Office:

Saturno e Associati Giornalisti, via Ciro Menotti, 21 – 20129  Milano – -

Gabriella Cottignoli, tel +39 340 1686 130



Centek Industries, one of the brands Saim Marine represents in Italy, receives ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification

At the opening of the 2014 Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS) in Amsterdam, US marine exhaust systems manufacturer Centek Industries announced that it has met the stringent requirements of the industry’s most widely accepted standard for manufacturing excellence and received an ABS ISO 9001:2008 Certificate of Conformance for its quality management system.
The company celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012. Since then it has been designing, engineering and building marine exhaust systems. Built in fireproof resins and glass fiber, Centek products are long-lasting and corrosion resistant. Centek is the only company to offer fiberglass exhaust components that are also Lloyd’s Register Type approved and meet or exceed ABYC-P1 standards.
The accreditation confirms not only the company quality commitment but also the attention Saim Marine while selecting the brands to be represented in Italy.

Massimo Donà appointed President of Unimot

Massimo Donà appointed President of Unimot

Massimo Donà, CEO of Saim Spa, is the new President of Unimot (National Union of Importers and Distributors of Motors and Generators), the daughter association of Ascomac (National Federation of Trade in Industrial Machinery).

Appointed Vice President of the Association in January 2014, Massimo Donà replaces Paolo Guidali who officially left the office.

Technical Training in Saim Marine

Technical Training in Saim Marine

Also this year we have organized the technical training held by the Service Team Saim Marine.

The courses involved the “Specialist”  Saim Marine Service Network and focused on Kohler new products.

For the whole Saim Team it was a considerable organizational effort but, however, it was essential to consolidate the quality of an excellent network that covers the whole Italian territory.

Sea Recovery appoints Saim Marine as new distributor for Italy

Sea Recovery appoints Saim Marine as new distributor for Italy

SAIM Group, the Italian Distributor of Parker-Racor products through its sales companies INCOFIN and SAIM Marine, has been appointed as the new Distributor for Sea Recovery ( watermakers on the Italian territory. The distributorship will be effective February 1, 2015 and will be announced during the Sea-Tec exhibition in Carrara. Sea Recovery offers an innovative line of watermakers which can suit every need in the boating industry from small sail and motorboats to superyachts, through the fully automated Aqua Matic, the miniature Aqua Whisper Mini Series and the energy efficient Ultra Whisper system. Saim completes its range with another premium product which combines functionality with design, quality, technology and reliability.

Gyrostabilizers VEEM Gyro at Genoa Boat Show

Gyrostabilizers VEEM Gyro at Genoa Boat Show

VEEM Gyro Stabilizers at the Genoa Boat Show

The Veem Gyro stabilizers range are the best choice ever for superyachts.

The range manufactured by the Australian Company will be exhibited at the upcoming Genoa Boat Show by Saim, Gyro exclusive sales agent across Central European Regions.

The Veem Gyro models represent an important step in gyro performance for superyachts an provide exceptional roll stabilisation solution for yachts from 130’.

The range currently includes two models: the VEEM Gyro 120 (120 kNm) and VEEM Gyro 260 (260 kNm). They can both be installed on new building and on already sailing yachts. The model choice depends on the level of stabilisation desired, the vawe environment and on boat features.

VEEM Gyros can also work seamlessfly with other motion stabilisation systems, autopilot , dynamic positioning without any software interfacing. Easy maintenance; only electrical power and cooling seawater are required for installation.

VEEM’s Gyrostabilisers are actively controlled vertical axis gyro stabilizers and deliver class-leading rolling motion attenuation while at zero speed or underway, with up to a 95 per cent reduction achievable through the use of powerful flywheels running under vacuum, and VEEM’s patented ‘Smart Torque’ advanced control software.

Smart Torque is designed to maximise roll reduction across almost all weather conditions, while guaranteeing safe operation in even the most powerful environments. With the active control system a smaller unit can provide the same performance as a larger passive gyro system.

New eTRAC™ launched by SAIM

New eTRAC™ launched by SAIM

Among the great news for the next season, Saim will be launching the eTRAC™, a new electric actuator for fin stabilizers developed by ABT-TRAC, the US leading manufacturer of stabilizers, bow and stern thrusters, and hydraulic systems.

After the Monaco Yacht Show, the eTRAC™ will be exhibited for the first time in Italy at the next International Boat Show taking place in Genoa on October 1st-6th.

eTRAC™ features the same height as equivalent hydraulic actuators and is optimized for quiet operations. Currently available for yachts ranging from 27 to 33m, the new electric actuator will be soon developed also for ABT-TRAC fins to be installed on yachts from 20 to 55m. No hydraulic system is required. Simplified installation and extremely reduced maintenance are additional features.

For further information, please visit us at our booths in Monaco and Genoa.

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